There has been a tectonic shift in how luxury golf brands are perceived in the last couple of years, and it has led to a burgeoning market space.

Seen previously as purely the playthings of the mega rich, there are a variety of brands occupying the space at the top end of the price scale in golf, and some have been there for a while.  The question is why the upturn?

The entry of Parsons Extreme Golf (PXG) has been crucial in changing perceptions.

The key is the extreme performance offered by the brand, birthed in just 2014, which began to convince avid golfers shelling out a heap of extra cash was worth the investment because it was equating to more performance.

It was also the first luxury brand to get a serious presence on Tour, and did a solid job in marketing itself generally.

Suddenly, paying over £2,000 for a set of irons wasn’t just for flash golfers with more money than sense – now it was just for the minted player that was happy to spend a small fortune to get the best on offer. Golfers are believing that these brands at the top table offer something better.

And the major brands took notice – Callaway’s Epic irons are at around £1,500, and Titleist have released concept irons at eye watering price points. And it would be surprising not to see more of the well known brands moving into the space – there’s clearly money to be made.

Why do the clubs cost so much?

Generally, the materials used in producing the clubs are expensive, and the process is long and laborious – so again, expensive.


Started by golf nut Bob Parsons – who once spent over $350,000 on golf equipment in a year…and thought he could do a better job! – the brand has enjoyed a remarkable rise in the last couple of years.

The company went out and poached some of the most renowned designers in the business, tasking them with making the best clubs on the planet. The results were remarkable.

The 0311 and 0311T irons (standing for Tour) are accompanied  by the game improvement 0311 XF. The range employs an ultra thin face, accompanied by a Thermoplastic Elastomer insert and perimeter weighting to make some seriously forgiving irons.

Forged from S25C mild carbon steel, they offer a remarkable feel. We’ve hit nothing like them in golf. Ever.

Three drivers are on offer at around $650– the 0811X and LCX, 0811XF and 0811 – utilising carbon crowns, honeycomb inserts, complex weight systems, and a variety of head shapes an sizes depending on required spin and forgiveness levels.

There’s a forged wedge that will tip the scale at $800 available only in Bob Parson’s specs, and putters are around $600.

Head to the PXG website for more. 






Featuring a softer feel and precision milled face, the Huntington Beach 1 Putter is a classic plumber’s neck blade designed with subtle curvature that portrays the softness of the putter.

HB Collection

Introducing the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Collection. Inspired by the beautiful setting of Cleveland Golf’s North America headquarters, these putters feature the classic designs that have been revered for generations with modern innovations that can help any golfer improve their scoring.


Benefits Of A Golf Fitness Stretch Trainer

Hardly any professional worth his name today will dare approach their game without a golf fitness stretch trainer of sorts. The game of golf has changed tremendously in recent times. No longer is it viewed as the leisure sport of old. Golf is now recognized as an athletic sport where performance depends a lot on your fitness level. Thus the wide introductions of golf fitness stretch trainers and training.

Stretch training plays an important role in improving the flexibility of a golfer and therefore the quality of the swing both in terms of controlled direction and much more power and distance.A golf stretch training program from a qualified golf fitness stretch trainer will also help in increasing strength in the golf-specific muscles of the golfer.
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The Callaway Golf Club

The Callaway golf club is one of the most popular and also reliable types of golf club in the market today. There are so many people (particularly retired men) that are fascinated with golf today and it is no wonder why the Callaway golf club is now in the peak of success in the world of golf clubs. The Callaway Golf club is headed by Ely Callaway. He bought half of Hickory Stick USA and renamed it Callaway Hickory Stick USA. After purchasing it, he decided to hire the best people that would be an instrument in supporting his dream of Callaway golf club.

He hired Richard C. Helmstetter to be the Chief Club Designer and this as others would say is the point of no return. The designs for Callaway golf club are truly revolutionary and innovative which is why the Callaway golf club is dubbed as the type of golf club that is unique and also high-performance kind golf equipment. After that, Ely Callaway renamed his company into Callaway Golf and then relocated from Cathedral City, California to a sleepy seaside town called Carlsbad, which is just north of San Diego.
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Why Are Golf Courses Designed The Way That They Are

No matter where you go on this great big planet of ours you are bound to come across at least a few golf courses. These days golf courses are the must have for all countries and that is because now more than ever, golf is a major tourist attraction. People travel far and wide to visit the best and most talked about golf courses. That is why so much time and effort, not to mention money is poured into these projects each and every year.

If you love to play golf then you know how great really good golf courses can be. Playing on world class golf courses is very different than playing on a poorly designed one. If you are like me, and like most true golfers, you search for the golf courses that will provide the most amazing game play of all.
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Golf Basics Build Your Foundation First

More and more people every year get bitten by the golf bug. Golf’s popularity continues to rise year after year. With more and more people becoming interested in golf, more and more people are taking their first steps in wanting to learn how to play the game. And the great thing is – it is people of all age groups, genders, race and social strata. I have really been enjoying working with every type of golfer.

The first aspect of the game of golf that I talk with about a person or group of people that are just beginning to take up the game is that learning to play golf is going to take some time and much patience. In fact, the patience part never goes away in this great game! The second aspect (or at least real close to it) that I speak with beginning golfers about is practice; and the amount you spend with quality practice time will get you to the point in your game you want to be.
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Golf Ball Retriever The Tool For Every Golfer

A golf ball retriever is a tool that every golfer should have to eliminate the need to bend and stoop to locate your ball. While a golf ball retriever is actually very simple, it is a tool that can make your golf game much more fun, much easier, cleaner, and simply more enjoyable. When those that are new to golfing hear of such a contraption they tend to snicker and wonder why in the world they would ever need a ball retriever. After just a few games most golfers have a new understanding and appreciation for the golf ball retriever.

A golf ball retriever is just that, it retrieves balls so that the golfer does not have to go into water, mud, or rocks to retrieve a miss-hit. Ball retrievers often come in very handy when you play on a course that has a lot of ponds, lakes, wooded areas, as well as rock gardens. Of course, you never intend to hit your ball into these areas, but every now and again it will happen and a golf ball retriever will make it a lot easier to get your ball without all of the climbing and stooping that is generally associated with locating ones ball. Because of your golf ball retriever you’ll find that you have to buy golf balls less often because you won’t just write them off when they land in hard to reach areas.
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